We are looking for a Program Coordinator. Work from home opportunity.

The NWA Hispanic Leadership Council is seeking for a Program Coordinator to enhance and expand the Latinx on the Rise Mentorship program and to build capacity and support operations. The Program Director will also develop and implement the Internship program. Activities include preparing manuals, guides and other documentation; organizing activities; coordinating events; creating and maintaining promotional materials, websites, and social media posts; and creating and maintaining reports. This is a contract position. Specific duties listed in the position application linked below. Job Requirements: Minimum three-years of experience as a Program Coordinator, Project Manager or similar role. Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing. Experience writing and documenting processes. Ability to manage media postings and communications. Proficient with Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Contractor shall have own access to computer, phone and any o

The Giving Circle of the NWA Hispanic Leadership Council Gives Awards to Local Community Programs

BENTONVILLE, Ark., (December 8, 2021) – The NWA Hispanic Leadership Council (NWA HLC) and its Giving Circle awarded grants to local nonprofits and celebrated their contributions to the community. The event served to recognize the work local organizations do in improving the life of Hispanics in the region as well as to recognize the power of individual philanthropy. The awards were giving to Rogers High School for the Newcomer Welcome Program; OneCommunity for the Parents Take Leadership Action (PTLA) Kids Program; and to the Hispanic’s Women Organization of Arkansas (HWOA) for the Scholarship Program. The event counted with the participation of representatives from nonprofits, as well as leaders in education and community advocacy. A giving circle is a group of people who pool their resources in order to collectively contribute to issues they deem important to their community. Giving circles provide individual donors the opportunity to make their contributions meaningful by leverag

NWA Hispanic Leadership Council Launches New Academic Year of Mentoring Program

BENTONVILLE, Ark. , (October 12, 2021) – The NWA Hispanic Leadership Council (NWA HLC) launched the Latinx on the Rise Mentoring Program for the 2021-22 academic year. The event, hostedby the University of Arkansas Latino Alumni Society, focused on introducing the new cohort of mentors and mentees and the expansion of the mentoring program to enable leadership and professional enrichment opportunities for the students. The event counted with the participation of current and previous mentors and mentees, representation from the University of Arkansas (U of A) and the Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC), as well as leaders in education and community advocacy. The new opportunities available to the program participants and a new line of pre-graduation internships will be possible thanks to a three-year grant awarded by the Walton Family Foundation. Developing the next generation of community leaders will be the catalyst to have an equitable and robust Northwest Arkansas region.

Accepting Applications for the 2021 Grant Awards

 The NWA Hispanic Leadership Council and its Giving Circle calls local community organizations to apply for the 2021 Grants, to be awarded later this year.  We are excited to announce we will be increasing the gifts we will give.  The goal for this year is to select three programs addressing either education or entrepreneurship goals in the local communities of Benton and Washington Counties.  The gifts will be $1,000 for the third place; $2,000 for the second place and $4,000 for the first place. The recipients of the awards will be selected by the voting Giving Circle, who contributed to the NWA Hispanic Leadership Council during the year.  To be considered for the awards, non-profit organizations must complete the  application  found on  by September 30, 2021.  The top candidates may be interviewed by the Giving Circle and awards will be announced in December, 2021.   Last year, the NWA Hispanic Leadership Council and its Giving Circle awarded  gifts to support the

Opportunity to Join our Board

After completing three years supporting the NWA Hispanic Leadership Council, Lucero Martinez, Ana Aguayo, and Greg Fess are retiring from the Board of Directors.  The NWA HLC appreciates all the contributions these three outstanding leaders have made over the past years and look forward to their involvement in other projects with the NWA HLC and the NWA community.   With their departure the group is looking for leaders interested to continue growing the NWA HLC and serving the organization by joining the Board of Directors.  Overall, board members have a duty of loyalty to the organization, its staff and other board members.  Board members perform their responsibilities through regular meetings and a committee structure that is appropriate for the size of the board and organization. The board is ultimately responsible for the performance of the organization in all areas of its work and should ensure that the organization is in compliance with state and federal law. The NWA HLC Board of

Presenting the 2020 Grant Awards

The Giving Circle of the NWA Hispanic Council proudly presented the 2020 Grant Awards to support three programs in our local community. The programs were selected by the Giving Circle from the applications submitted this year. A virtual ceremony was held on December 15, 2020 to recognize this year's award recipients.  Sarah Pollack, Debra Elkins and Noemi Andrade on behalf of the Sunshine School & Development Center received $2,000 to support the Parents as Teachers program. Parents as Teachers (PAT) is an Evidence-Based Home Visiting program that provides services to families as a whole, rather than only working with the children.  PAT has four components that compose the model: Personal visits, Group Connections, Resource Network, & Child Screening. The four primary goals of Parents as Teachers are: 1. Increase parent knowledge of early childhood development and improve parent practices. 2. Provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues. 3. Prevent chil

Recognized with the LatinXNA Education Trailblazer Award for 2020

Congratulations to the Northwest Arkansas Hispanic Leadership Council on winning the LatinXNA Education Trailblazer Award for 2020. The NWA HLC focuses on fostering and developing Hispanic corporate, academic, non-profit, small business, and cultural leaders to empower our community. We applaud their efforts with providing a mentorship program to connect local college students with Latino Professionals to help advance their careers. Remarkably, the mentorship cohort doubled in size in 2020 due to the success in year 1 (2019).