Our Group

The NWA Hispanic Leadership Council (NWA HLC) is a community group organized by professional Hispanic leaders in NWA in 2017. The group is uniquely positioned to fulfill its mission because of the diverse background and expertise of its members, covering various disciplines including business, education, communications, community service and philanthropy; its ties to large and small business organizations; and its collaboration with reputable educational institutions of the area. NWA HLC will continue growing by promoting outreach and philanthropy in our community. We implemented the first Latino Giving Circle in NWA and a standalone not-for-profit organization in 2018.

Board of Directors
Pepe Estrada | President
Luis Fernando Restrepo | Vice-President
Julia Sanchez | Treasurer
Harold Castro | Secretary
Lucas Rocha | Board Member
Pete Louree | Board Member
Rodrigo Plancarte | Board Member
Gabriela Velasco Arana | Board Member
Justin White | Board Member
Irelia Navarro | Head of Operations

To learn more about our organization email info@nwahispanic.org


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