Local Non Profits Welcome to Apply for the Giving Circle Awards

The NWA Hispanic Leadership Council and its Giving Circle calls local non profit community organizations to apply for the 2022 Grants, to be awarded in December 2022.  We are excited to announce once again we will be increasing the gifts we will give for a grand total of $10,000.  

The recipients of the awards will be selected by the voting Giving Circle, who contributed to the NWA Hispanic Leadership Council during the year.  To be considered for the awards, non-profit organizations must complete the application found on nwahispanic.org by November 15, 2022.  The top candidates may be interviewed by the Giving Circle and awards will be announced in December, 2022.  

Last year, the NWA Hispanic Leadership Council and its Giving Circle awarded  gifts to the Rogers High School for the Newcomer Welcome Program; OneCommunity for the Parents Take Leadership Action (PTLA) Kids Program; and to the Hispanic’s Women Organization of Arkansas (HWOA) for the Scholarship Program.  Those gifts were made possible thanks to the generous contribution of people who chose to join the Giving Circle and support our local hispanic community.

The NWA Hispanic Leadership Council is a non-profit community group organized by professional Hispanic leaders in NWA in 2017. The group is uniquely positioned to fulfill its mission because of the diverse background and expertise of its members, covering various disciplines including business, education, communications, community service and philanthropy; its ties to large and small business organizations; and its collaboration with reputable educational institutions of the area.  We implemented the first Latino Giving Circle in NWA and a standalone not-for-profit organization in 2018.  In 2019, we launched the Latinx on the Rise Mentoring Program, matching college students with mentors.

For more information about the NWA Hispanic Leadership Council, visit nwahispanic.org. To join our Giving Circle, contribute through our fundraising page.  For inquiries, please email info@nwahispanic.org


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